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Metropolitan Records is an independent jazz record label located in New York City -- the jazz capital of the world. On the cutting edge of the jazz scene, Metropolitan Records is dedicated to bringing the listening public the best in jazz music. The Metropolitan Records catalogue includes recordings from the finest established players as well as the up and coming stars of tomorrow.

Our Newest Releases!

Linda Presgrave - Inspiration Linda Presgrave - Along the Path

While Linda Presgrave has been an important part of the New York jazz scene since 1998, displaying consistent originality as both a pianist and composer, traveling overseas has long been a significant part of her career. Along The Path introduces suites inspired by her visits to Asia and France.

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The Tree of Life - Todd Herbert

Most of the best jazz musicians have one foot in the past and one in the future, mastering the jazz tradition and then moving the music ahead through their vision, energy and creativity. Dizzy Gillespie built on the inspiration of Roy Eldridge, Charlie Parker greatly extended the ideas of Lester Young, and Herbie Hancock originally learned from Bill Evans’ example. Todd Herbert, a brilliant young tenor-saxophonist, takes John Coltrane as a point of departure in presenting his own original music.

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Other Releases

Running With Jazz Linda Presgrave - Inspiration  

Ballads In Jazz

Ballads in Jazz features some of the finest jazz artists who have recorded on the Metropolitan Records label. Sit back, relax and listen to some of the best jazz standards as well as several new ballads destined to become classics as well.

Above and Beyond - Freddie Hubbard

Newly re-mastered in 2006 "This 1982 recording catches the trumpeter on one exceptionally daring night of pure steam at the Keystone Korner in San Francisco."

-Stanley Crouch

The Journey - Linda Presgrave

"With her lyrical playing and a stellar ensemble, Presgrave adeptly mines the secular and spiritual side of the music while paying homage to her heroines."

-Terrell Holmes, Allabout jazz-New York, May 2006

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Running With Jazz- Various Artists

Featuring tracks by Linda Presgrave, Todd Herbert, and Xavier Davis.


Ever since she moved to New York in 1998, Linda Presgrave has developed into a highly original pianist and composer. Starting with her debut CD from 2000, In Your Eyes, and continuing with The Linda Presgrave Quartet – Live and The Journey, she has become increasingly individual, sounding unlike anyone else while being inspired by many different artists, events and places. The Journey featured her group performing works by jazz musicians who happened to be women. Inspiration has ten additional selections by females including six by the pianist herself.


Our Most Popular Releases

Soul of an Angel - Billy Harper

"This is a Rock of Gibraltar solid CD, leaving nothing on the table, and cementing his status as an admirable figure and one of the best performers, improvisers and pure players in the idiom. Highly recommended without reservation, and a strong candidate for jazz CD of Y2K."

-Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide, Oct. 2000

Haunted Melodies: The Songs of Rahsaan Roland Kirk

"What an audacious, daunting and wonderful idea: Assemble ad hoc combos from a collective of 16 empathic musicians to celebrate the music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, the blind one-man street band who left us so early in the game."

-Les Line, 52nd Street Jazz, Nov.1999

Skim Coat - Billy Childs, Buster Williams, Carl Allen

"Sparks fly, igniting a shard passion and a supreme level of communication in this recording of the trio of Billy Childs, Buster Williams and Carl Allen."

-Sunsh Stein, Jazz Times, July 2000


Our Catalog
1. Mellow Soul
  Pete Yellin
2. Dance of Life
  Xavier Davis
3. Above and Beyond
  Freddie Hubbard
4. Haunted Melodies: The Songs of Rahsaan Roland Kirk
  Joe Lovano, John Stubblefield, Jaki Byard, Hilton Ruiz, Xavier Davis, Eric Alexander, Craig Handy, James Spaulding, Donald Harrison
5. Skim Coat
  Billy Childs, Buster Williams, Carl Allen
6. Sterling Place All Stars
  Vincent Herring
7. Memories of New York
  Vincent Herring
8. In Your Eyes
  Linda Presgrave
9. Soul of an Angel
  Billy Harper
10. I'll Never Forget You
  Debra Holly
11. Level Playing Field
  Falkner Evans
12. Linda Presgrave Quartet Live
  Linda Presgrave
13. The Journey
  Linda Presgrave
14. A Jazz Christmas, That Special Time of Year
  Billy Harper, Billy Childs, Vincent Herring, Linda Presgrave, Falkner Evans, Debra Holly, Stan Chovnick
15. The Path to Infinity
  Todd Herbert
16. The Tree of Life
  Todd Herbert
17. Inspiration
  Linda Presgrave
18. Ballads in Jazz
  Todd Herbert, Billy Childs, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Xavier Davis, Linda Presgrave, Pete Yellin, Vincent Herring
19. Running With Jazz
  Linda Presgrave, Todd Herbert, Xavier Davis
20. Along the Path
  Linda Presgrave

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